What is Drive-Sure?

Customer Retention ProductsDrive-Sure® provides vehicle owners and drivers with value-added services aimed at keeping their vehicles running at peak performance, and protecting them while on the road. Available exclusively at new car dealers, Drive-Sure® benefits are automatically provided and renewed at every dealer-recommended oil change or scheduled maintenance service. Benefits may include:
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  • What are people saying about us?

    “I was skeptical of Drive-Sure until I began using it. Our business has doubled since then and we are the leaders in our district in retention. It is GREAT to be able to offer our customers the peace of mind of roadside assistance and tire hazard protection – AT NO EXTRA CHARGE WITH NO GIMMICKS OR CATCHES… Not to mention the other advantages such as rental car coverage and 200,000 mile engine protection. OUR CUSTOMER RETENTION HAS GONE THROUGH THE ROOF.” — Pam Bishop, Service Manager, Byers Toyota

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